Inspiring story of an Entrepreneur

Passion, team building, founders, co-founders, mistakes, learning, money, fun, seed funding, venture capitalist, etc., are some of the words which comes to mind when i think about ‘Entrepreneurship’.

Below is one of the inspiring story of an entrepreneur who started his own venture with a unique idea.


Chitresh Vaspate wanted to perform a pooja ceremony at his office. The scheduling and re-scheduling of pooja date according to the availability of Pandits and also the arrangements of materials, prasadam and all other required things is important during a pooja which requires time, and that was running out off Chitresh’s hand. He also didn’t had the knowledge about how & why he wanted to perform this pooja.

Back then in 2010, he  gave it a thought and felt there is a need in this field. Thus Archanam was born.

He along with his team gathered all relevant information regarding different poojas, materials & pandits requirement, suppliers & storage of the materials, etc,. He then created a corporate structure and started employing professionals in various departments viz,. Sales & Marketing, Tele-Calling and Purchase. Also he got a customized software for scheduling of a pooja, pooja reminders, customer data (birthdate & anniversary) and made an informative website ( which can educate individuals regarding the knowledge & importance of a pooja, time requirement, pricing, etc,.

Its been almost 2 years and Chitresh’s organization – Archanam has successfully offered their services to more then 1000 people in & around Nasik (state: Maharashtra, country: India). His future plan is to take his brand to Pan India & Global.

Do you know about some startups with unique services or products? Do share the same..


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