Series I of Inspiring Entrepreneur Startup Quotes

Everyday someone comes up with an idea, which can be a solution to a problem and can turn into a business. But s/he are scared to implement it, might be they are not confident enough, don’t want to live an Entrepreneur’s life, don’t want to leave their rat race life, cannot start a business coz of insufficient funds and many other things.

I came across some inspiring Startup quotes from different Entrepreneurs globally which might help and inspire you to take a step ahead of starting your own business. 


























Hope this Quotes inspires you as it did to me.

So what you are waiting for? Start implementing  your ideas, go for the win. During the journey, you will fall down many times but you just have to get up and keep moving forward.  You will come across many Entrepreneurs from whom you will learn a lot.

As Alok ‘Rodinhood’ Kejriwal rightly said “An Entrepreneur is happy when he sees another Entrepreneur doing better than him. Because, you realize how much there is more to DO”

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Inspiring story of an Entrepreneur

Passion, team building, founders, co-founders, mistakes, learning, money, fun, seed funding, venture capitalist, etc., are some of the words which comes to mind when i think about ‘Entrepreneurship’.

Below is one of the inspiring story of an entrepreneur who started his own venture with a unique idea.


Chitresh Vaspate wanted to perform a pooja ceremony at his office. The scheduling and re-scheduling of pooja date according to the availability of Pandits and also the arrangements of materials, prasadam and all other required things is important during a pooja which requires time, and that was running out off Chitresh’s hand. He also didn’t had the knowledge about how & why he wanted to perform this pooja.

Back then in 2010, he  gave it a thought and felt there is a need in this field. Thus Archanam was born.

He along with his team gathered all relevant information regarding different poojas, materials & pandits requirement, suppliers & storage of the materials, etc,. He then created a corporate structure and started employing professionals in various departments viz,. Sales & Marketing, Tele-Calling and Purchase. Also he got a customized software for scheduling of a pooja, pooja reminders, customer data (birthdate & anniversary) and made an informative website ( which can educate individuals regarding the knowledge & importance of a pooja, time requirement, pricing, etc,.

Its been almost 2 years and Chitresh’s organization – Archanam has successfully offered their services to more then 1000 people in & around Nasik (state: Maharashtra, country: India). His future plan is to take his brand to Pan India & Global.

Do you know about some startups with unique services or products? Do share the same..